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Jess is now chaplain in both Minehead Middle School and Old Cleeve First School, she goes in every Wednesday to Minehead and every Thursday to Old cleeve. 

" I love spending time wandering around the courtyard and chatting to students and staff about their school days, rejoicing with them when they share great news and offering to pray with them through the tough stuff! It is an enormous privilege to be in the schools each week and praying for them in that place, to be able to be there and just enjoy conversation as well as supporting staff and students dealing with bereavement. 

Old Cleeve have been blessed with a reflection space in their playground and I get to go in each week and refresh the prayer/quiet activities and be available for conversation and prayer.

Just recently we ran a bible day in School following themes from 'Understanding Christianity' where all students came off timetable for the day, and myself and a few volunteers went in and did half an hour sessions on Creation, The Fall, People of God, Incarnation and The Kingdom of God. We used, action songs, puppets, playdough, drama, video clips and prayer stations to explore these themes throughout the day and it was fantastic!!" 

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